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“How many people would it take flipping a quarter before one person hits heads thirty times in a row? According to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Strange Coincidences, for a tossed coin to fall to heads fifty times in a row, it would require one million men tossing ten coins a minute for forty hours a week – and then it would occur only once in every nine centuries. This is why I believe the Bible is true. If you take the thirty prophecies about the birth, the death and the resurrection of Jesus that have come true, that’s like flipping heads thirty times in a row.”

(From Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay and Linda Evans Shepherd)


Let me start by saying I don’t like evangelism. The mere thought of doing it… Sighs.

Well, I read this book because I didn’t like evangelism. In my entire life, I have only voluntarily preached to someone twice. Involuntarily, six times. (Don’t cry. It’s alright if I’m better than you; I have to be better than someone).

A few pages into Share Jesus Without Fear, William Fay tells me that by abstaining from evangelism, I have committed the sin of silence. He talks about obedience, yunno, preaching because God wants us to preach. He talks about fear and rejection and waiting till you memorize all of scripture or till you become a “man of God”. He makes a pretty convincing case for evangelism. I was moved. Hallelujah.

After convincing my coconut head, he talks about the process of evangelizing: anticipating rejection, arming yourself with answers to defend your faith, reading scripture aloud with the “preachee”, highlighting “Share Jesus Scriptures” in your bible beforehand, praying and following up unbelievers, etc. William Fay gives us five Share Jesus questions, seven Share Scripture passages and five Commitment Questions in his bid to simplify evangelism and help us address the preconceived notions we have about it. His methods are simple and structured and especially good for people like me – the inexperienced and those who don’t find it chill.

What makes Share Jesus Without Fear recommendation-worthy is how the writer has done all the work and the research and the studying so we don’t have any excuses to make. He takes common objections to the faith and he answers them, he anticipates responses and he addresses them. He tells you what to do if they say no and if they say yes.

It was a really refreshing read. Don’t ask me if I’m now preaching.

Some critics say that William Fay did little to address questions on the authority of the Bible and that he didn’t even talk about repentance. Some say he made evangelism unauthentic and that he oversimplified it. While all these are valid concerns, this book was the first to simplify evangelism for me. For the first time, I felt like I could do it. It felt…attainable.

If you know a better book on evangelism, please let me know and tell me your thoughts when you do read it. Love and light.

And, I really want to hear your evangelism stories. The good and the bad. So, tell me.

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