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Can I skip spiritual warfare?

I don’t watch horror films because my mind is an immensely crazy place. After the movie is over and everyone has moved on, I still retain some scenes in my head. I begin to hear and see things. And so, because I don’t want the curtain to become a demon at night, I steer clear of horror films and anything demonology related. I don’t read about it, I don’t talk about it and the world has been at peace.

I became Christian and now, my peace is frayed at the edges. Some people just wont let me be. They insist I have to involve myself. I have to cast and bind, I have to wrestle against flesh and blood. But jeez, I didn’t skip horror films for spiritual warfare. Demons? Devils? Spirits? Count me out. Possessions? Deliverances? Cleansings? Count me out. Once it’s not straight forward, count me out!

See, I don’t just want to disturb any spirit. Let everybody stay in their zone. There are people whose calling this is but it is not mine. Navigating my life as it is is already mysterious and hard enough. I already have too many questions. I don’t want to add to that. I don’t want a dramatic “Christian” life. I don’t want to see angels and globes of fire. I just want to go to heaven. God, just do your thing. Slay the demon but don’t show me how you’re slaying him. I don’t want to see.

So, dear God, I promise, I will be a good daughter. I will pray. I will ask you to bless me and give me plenty money, money that does not have focus. I will workout. I will not drink coke again. I will pray for missionaries. I will give to the poor. I will love my neighbours. I will do my two cents in this world. Just allow me skip this warfare stuff. Please.


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  1. I don’t want to live my Christain life in fear of one demon or one village people somewhere after me. I love how I found Christ and its been a journey ever since, I’d love for it to continue that way. I love him, he loves me, I fast when I want to, I pray everywhere, not only in my sitting room in the morning, I spread love as much as I can. Christianity is beautiful, especially when there are no theatrics involved. Do to others what you would want them to do to you. But no, some people just want to fight wars God is more than capable of fighting if you just ask him.

  2. The joke is that the whole bible itself na just another horror film. From the serpent in Genesis to the dragon in Revelations, people have created great prose; Our only crime is taking the fiction too seriously.

  3. We usually don’t skip the spiritual warfare during our family devotions. And that is when I always choose to fall asleep. My parents usually insist that we all stand because you cannot fight the devil while sitting down. If you really want him to leave you alone, you should at least ask him with some respect.

    Anyways, my point is why do we pursue the devil everyday? Does it mean we pursue him today and the next day he returns with all his family members?

    Sometimes, while praying alone, I feel guilty for skipping the warfare thingy. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to pursue any demon. I don’t want any demon to pursue me.

    I just want to be reminded that I am not praying the wrong way.

  4. I once talked about this with a friend. And he said and I quote
    “If the devil isn’t attacking your spiritual life, you haven’t started”
    Ha! I’ve enjoyed my spiritual life so far. He talks to me and I hear him. We do this “guy howfar” thing. I don’t want to be a demon Slayer. I just want to speak to God and hear him.

  5. , Are. Beg for two..

    I’m learning that if I happen to face warfare well then, God allowed it(I will share open my mouth and call Jesus as afraid as I could be) . And even If unfortunately for me, I haven’t fasted for the last 70 days, what happened to the sons of sceeva will not happen to me.

    Whichever way. I am NOT looking forward to that. No freaking way!

  6. Queenie!
    I usually don’t want to read your write-ups so I don’t have to spend all my time looking for more.

    Shaa I feel like God wants you to be a demon destroyer

    Yours truly,
    Brother Victor.

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