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‘By God’s grace’; a rite of passage or not?

Most Christians I know start or end their words with ‘by God’s grace’ or something related. I’ve been a Christian for more than four years and I am yet to start or end my words with ‘by God’s grace’. I am yet to say “I will come next week, by God’s grace” or “My business is fine by God’s grace” or “By God’s grace, we will make it”. I just tell you I will come and the business is fine and we will make it. I just talk. I just respond. I just expect.

I don’t think this is a problem per se. I really don’t want to start saying ‘by God’s grace’ either. I’m simply wondering why, four years later, these words are yet to permeate my vocabulary. I believe in grace. I pray for grace but it has never occurred to me that it is something to say so frequently.

So, these people who say ‘by God’s grace’, are they more believing in grace than I am? Are they humbler than I am? Are they more trusting in God’s ability or is it simply a rite of passage, a mark of being Bible-believing, some form of indoctrination?

By not saying it, is there something wrong with my heart or am I just stubbornly refusing to speak Christianese?


2 thoughts on “‘By God’s grace’; a rite of passage or not?”

  1. There is nothing wrong with your heart. The funny truth is, most people say it when they’re scared or unsure. It’s like a reassurance that God’s grace is there and it will take them through. For some, it’s a prayer. It’s a personal decision though, saying it or not saying it won’t affect what God will or has done already.

  2. I too don’t use the by God’s grace phrase like that. I believe it’s grossly misunderstood by many. And people think you are proud when you don’t use it , it’s weird to me that people think this way.

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