My Faith Hassle

Arekpitan Queen

Hi. My name is Arekpitan and I'm a Christian trying to understand my journey. I believe that Christians struggle better when they struggle together. This blog is my attempt to struggle better. I also hope that my hassles help you make sense of your hassles too.

Can Only Me Be a Church? Part 3. (otherwise titled as: Nigeria Can Be Fixed Without Holification)

The fact that you’re “going to heaven” doesn’t rob you of justice or the ability to make demands of your government. You deserve to be happy here! Yes, it’ll never be perfect but you deserve to live a little saner here. And no, you don’t have to finish your rapist with love. + People who make statements like “this is a script” and “focus on God” and “this world does not matter” are clearly not in touch with Nigerian suffering.

Righteous Indignation

People have found some kind of meaning outside God and that’s valid too. I’m not saying they’re right and you’re wrong. I’m saying I’d hate for you to so hastily and callously dismiss my joy and everything I find meaningful because it’s not your own reality.

All My Heaven Questions

If the devil could sin and somehow, people in heaven can sin too…omo. That’s like back to the garden of Eden all over again. Imagine after all the struggle, Brother Mukaila sins and God sends us back to earth to give our life to Christ all over again. Wahala.

What to Do with My Numbered Hair

Last year, I encountered the word “male disposability” for the first time. It means that the world treats men as symbols, disposing and replacing them without hesitation. Use and dump. Like, yunno, plastic cups. Though this term was used as a response to radical feminists who think all men know in this world is bliss, I also see how men (read: humans) might be disposable to God. Use and dump. Use and deliver. Use and reward. All kinds of endings but it always starts with “use”.

I’m 65% Holy

If the Sermon on the Mount sets forth God’s standard of holiness, I may as well resign from the start.” – Phillip Yancey, The Jesus I Never Knew.

They Say I’m Supposed to be Writing for God

In the Christian community, my kind of work looks unimportant and undeserving of conversation. Of course, I don’t intend to compete with the gospel but other things are attention-worthy too. It’s important we have all kinds of conversations and that all kinds of people are involved in these many conversations. I like to believe the church needs all kinds of Christians.

There is Something Wrong with My Gaze

The Christian gaze demands I see everything through the lens of my faith: What is God’s plan for this? What will God think about this? What does the Bible say about this act or this person’s behaviour? The Christian gaze demands I be a Christian first and everything else second. I find this impossible. So far.


“I have failed to fulfil them not because I did not wish to, but because I was unable to.” – Leo Tolstoy   It’s not rocket science to notice how grateful Christians are for salvation. In my home church, all testimonies start with: “I want to thank the Lord for the salvation of my soul” …

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My Thoughts on Abortion

Tired, tired with nothing, tired with everything, tired with the world’s weight he had never chosen to bear. – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned   First, I’d like to say that my blog is not a place for convincing anyone about anything. I’m not trying to “win”. I’m but a mere documentarian of …

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On Divorce and the Absolute Permanence of Mistakes

Disclaimer: This blog is me thinking about my Christian struggles in public. If you’re in a place where a little negativity might shake your faith, please, don’t read any further. Love and Light.   “Religious people don’t believe actions are good or bad because of the results of those actions. They believe actions are good …

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