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All the things that can help your life

For a while now, I’ve been interested in the many reasons why people don’t watch Big Brother Nigeria. I don’t watch it too but asking people what their reasons are has helped me evaluate my own reasons. Someone told me the show was demonic, a prelude to the antichrist. Another said it was distracting youths from the problem of the country. Another called it soft pornography and interestingly, someone else told me “it’s one of those things you cannot learn anything good from”. After this person said this, an eavesdropper retorted that BBN had “helped her life” and an argument ensued. It is just your carnality speaking. How can you say that thing helped your life?

How can you say that thing helped your life? Those words got to me. Why would anyone believe you cannot learn anything good from the unbelieving? Are ‘unbelievers’ only good for hell fire illustrations?

Anyway, you should know that the man saying “how can you learn anything from that thing” is of the opinion that only the Bible should help your life. Yunno, all you would ever need is in the Bible and it is the only thing that has the license to help you. I believe that, partially.

I believe in the sufficiency of the Bible but I don’t believe the Bible is the only thing that should help people do better. Non-Christian shows, non-Christian books, non-Christian teachings, non-Christian songs, non-Christian gatherings can help people do or live or be better.

Now, I’m not campaigning for the consumption of non-Christian media. Consume what you may. I’m saying that some of us can exist in a bubble with only the Bible and the church while some of us cannot. Some of us will stray to a talk on depression by a Buddhist. When we do, we may realise that the teaching was helpful even though the Buddhist mentions nothing about Christ. I am saying that that teaching counts. That teaching helped your life and so, no bubble-living Christian should be allowed to make you feel guilty for that non-Christian interaction.

By interacting with the environment, you will learn many things. Consistency from Beyoncé, some tenets for living from the Dalai Lama, something about activating passion from an atheist. Even an episode of BBN with mammoth breasts on display can teach you something about life. And no, you have not failed to depend on God’s word. Those interactions don’t invalidate the Bible. They don’t make you any less Christian. Rather, they reinforce what the Bible already teaches. Y’know, the Bible asked us to learn from ants. I’m very sure those ants were not born again.

So now that all that is done and explained, I want to talk about my problem with some people in the church:

Why is it difficult to explain things to some Christians using non-Christian examples? For real, they will only listen as long as you keep your references to Bible characters or quotes from Spurgeon or revelations from the Holy Ghost. Make a mistake and mention maybe lines from Kendrick Lamar and you have lost them forever. Like, how dare Kendrick enter the advice you are giving me? I know we are not in lack of Christian examples of resilience, strength, creativity or what not but what is wrong with referencing non-Christian stuff?

I’ve been able to come up with two possible answers:

  1. Many Christians believe if our otherworldly interactions are validated and encouraged, we may begin to tow other paths. Perhaps by seeing that monks are also right about the disciplined pursuit of less, we many become monks too.
  2. Some people believe the lives of unbelievers are nothing like ours. They don’t believe in Christ Jesus so what do they know?

I don’t know anything about us becoming monks but I know that the human experience is universal across the globe. We may believe different things but our lives are fairly the same. It is the reason why a Christian teenager will have Beyoncé as her role model. Not because she wants to defy the faith, not because Jesus is insufficient role model material but because Beyoncé makes her feel seen. Beyoncé seems to understand.

Howbeit, I’m getting ready to annoy all my puritanical Christian friends with my “ungodly” interactions. Ha-ha.

5 thoughts on “All the things that can help your life”

  1. The sufficiency of the bible. The lie that the west told us so that we don’t seek greater and are forever distracted by the pursuit of the afterlife while the rest of the world keeps moving forward.
    That’s why we still have SARS, bad politicians, bad roads, no electricity and ASUU strike – because the Bible is sufficient!

    1. I wouldn’t blame it on the Bible, or religion though. In fact, religion spurred many of the innovations we now enjoy. I don’t think the problem of Africa is religion. And I don’t think the west is doing “well” because of their “atheism”.

      And ur position fails to see how religion can be a force for good. It fails to acknowledge the other things that constitutes the problem of Africa.

      In my opinion, if we were actually practicing scripture as it was written, Africa would be a utopia now.

  2. Hey,

    Beautifu article. I like how you make your articles exciting

    What do you mean by non-christian songs, shows, books etc?

    If you mean, materials that don’t necessarily align with the ethos of Christianity, then ought we encourage ourselves to consume such materials?

    1. By non-Christian books, I mean the author doesn’t say anything about what the Bible says. It’s basically a product of personal experiences or observation, facts, studies, research, interviews etc. It may or may not align with Christian doctrine but that’s not the focus per se.

      Like say, I write something like: How to live peacefully in Lagos. If I don’t include anything about Jesus in my solution, it’s non-Christian but it’s not necessarily anti-Christian.

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