My Faith Hassle

All My Heaven Questions

The moment you get used to this whole Christian thing, you’re bound to have “heaven questions”. What if there is no jollof rice in heaven? What will we be doing in heaven? Will kids also have mansions? Are we going to be singing all the time? If we are singing all the time, how is the visit with friends supposed to work? All these questions, at the end of the day, is just us trying to measure if heaven is worth it. If I forsake all worldly pleasures, if I suffer for Christ, if I surrender my all to God; what’s in it for me?

I used to have a lot of Heaven questions. I still do, but now, I just wonder how I’m supposed to live in heaven with the knowledge that some of the people I really care about are in hell.

In the Bible, Lazarus is in heaven, chilling on Abraham’s bosom (I’ve always wondered how this looked like) while the rich man who was mean to him was burning. The man asks for a drop of water but Lazarus can’t give that to him. Other things are said, Lazarus has the last laugh and we move on to another Bible story. What if that rich man had been Lazarus’s friend? Will the helplessness he would have felt not tainted his heavenly bliss? Why do you go on enjoying the bosom of Abraham knowing, on the other side, your son or daughter or mentee was in anguish?

Most people tell me the solution is to preach to all our friends but you and I know we can’t convert everyone. We will still love many people who are not heaven-bound Christians.

This leaves one last option: we not having our memories.

Do I want to be in heaven without my memories? Do I want to exist as something or someone that isn’t the me I know? If I will forget my earthly existence, how then do I appreciate heaven? I mean, I can’t remember my relationship with God or with people or anything.

Another question. Will I have agency in heaven or, will I be a robot automatically programmed to sing Hallelujah or stay in my mansion?

The issue with having agency is this: I will still be able to sin. If God makes me incapable of sinning, that’s self-defeating because that should have been the design back in the garden of Eden. You can’t want us to be robots now if we couldn’t be robots then.

Some will say we will be overwhelmed with God’s holiness and consequently be unable to sin. Others will say heaven is just the kind of place where there can be no sin.

Nice but on second thought, wahala plenty.

The devil was in heaven when he became proud and sinned. Half the angels also went with him. Why were they not overwhelmed with the holiness of God? Is it that the dimension of God the 24 elders see is somehow oblivious to the angels who left a whole heaven to go and have sex with humans? If the devil could sin and somehow, people in heaven can sin too…omo. That’s like back to the garden of Eden all over again. Imagine after all the struggle, Brother Mukaila sins and God sends us back to earth to give our life to Christ all over again. Wahala.

Anyway, that’s about that.

Off to write about grief and this “better place” that my friends are in.

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